Features of 1220*2440mm melamine board

1220*2440mm melamine board, the full name is melamine resin impregnated paper veneer, and some people call it melamine board,
Qualified 1220*2440mm melamine board furniture is a relatively environmentally friendly furniture. Almost all high-end board furniture will have 1220*2440mm melamine board participation. The only reason for this is that it can effectively prevent formaldehyde in preservatives. Pollution of the environment, and melamine It is relatively stable, and will not release formaldehyde after curing. Even if there is, the content is small, and it can be removed after a few days of ventilation.

And has the following advantages:

1. The melamine board can imitate any pattern, and the color is relatively bright. It can be used as the veneer of various artificial boards and wood, and has good heat resistance and wear resistance.
2. The surface is very smooth and smooth, which is easy for daily maintenance and cleaning of furniture.
3. The price is economical and cost-effective. Compared with solid wood in some aspects, it has better performance.

1220*2440mm melamine board