uV super matt plywood

Materials: poplar or eucalyptus or birch
Thickness: Tolerance ± 0.2mm
Moisture: 8% – 10%
Thickness: 3mm – 25mm
Glue: E0 / E1
Surface Finishing: High glossy, Smooth, Matt, Embossed
Face & Back: Melamine Paper, Veneer
Payment: L/C , T/T

uv super matt plywood

uV super matt plywood Board For Furniture

Pintree’s uv super matt plywood is a new type of environmental protection decorative material made by high temperature hot pressing, uv super matt kind of Skin sense plate, color saturation is high, a variety of colors to choose from.

Pintree Group uv super matt plywood decorative panel feels good; as the literal meaning suggests, skin feeling board is distinguished by the feel of baby skin. The board is extremely smooth and fine. Greasy, with a hint of skin. Skin sense board is especially fine, 360° appears very delicate, finish luster is only 1°, even close to dry 0°. Can be extremely stupid. Ordinary mlaminate plywood is difficult to achieve this effect. This very matte skin feeling board will allow you to hold in your hand is not put down.

UV matt plywood sheet has two anti-fingerprint features that prevent hand prints from appearing on the surface after hand contact. This can occasionally give the impression that your hands are sticking to the surface. However, the skin-feeling board’s surface is so smooth that almost nothing can be done without leaving “lines.” The skin has a baby-like feel to it. Pintree Group UV matt plywood has excellent anti-fouling properties. While regular decorative panels are simple to stain, skin sense boards are resistant to fouling. Rub it gently with a rag even if you get a stain. cleaning without leaving any traces.

Quality features

1.Smooth, abrasion, wear, scratch, pollution, and cold resistance resistant.
2.UV super matt plywood exhibits characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and higher surface hardness than skin sense boards.
3.UV super matt plywood is simple to clean, doesn’t generate static electricity after cleaning, and doesn’t readily stick to dust.


Pintree Group uv super matt plywood are very suitable for home decoration, especially as a cabinet door panel.


Pintree Group UV super matt plywood is environmental protection and health: in today’s people pay attention to their own health, decorative board green environmental protection is particularly important. uv super matt plywood can do green environmental protection, no odor, and no residual formaldehyde release. No matter from the visual, tactile, or taste, are filled with green health fashion taste.

All our suppliers provide FSC and CARD certification.

3mm to 25mm UV white melamine plywood sheet

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18 plywood

uV faced super matt 4×8 plywood sheet advantages

The advantages of our UV super matt plywood include any imitation of different patterns and bright color. Triamine paper can produce a variety of different decorative effects during hot pressing, including smooth surfaces, hemp surfaces, relief, cloth patterns, corrugated surfaces, rays, synchronous flowers, and more.

When used as the core of plywood, chipboard, and mdf boards, our UV super matt plywood can improve the excellent performance that natural wood cannot have simultaneously.
Every month, we update the surface design of various colors and effects, including solid color, marble grain, leather grain, and wood grain. We have the most cutting-edge design concepts and inspiration, as well as various styles of specifically targeted color schemes for various markets, which can satisfy the aesthetic requirements of various markets and customers. We can offer customers prompt and efficient product solutions, and we can also design and customize products to suit their needs.

UV super matt plywood Free Sample

Pintree Group manufacture sample boards for many different customers, suitable for a range of different Melamine particle board,Waterproof melamine chipboard,Melamine plywood,Melamine OSB,UV glossy particle board,UV glossy plywood,UV glossy MDF,PET panel,HPL boards,Fancy plywood,Slatwall Panel,RV Lightweight plywood etc.

Typically 18mm thick 200mmx200mm is used, but can be manufactured in any thickness or material requested.We can also help you design sample plates, or sample plate displays.

Lend time: Delivery time about 7-20 days.

Tons of possibilities including:
* Custom melamine Colors
* Custom size
* Custom surface texture
* Custom Veneers available
* Finished or treated edges
* Custom logo(acceptance of agency)
* Custom Decals

All sample boards are CNC manufactured to ensure quality.

We are growing our range each and every day so please do get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for.Contact us for volume discounts

UV super matt plywood

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uV board panel melsmine color design

Pintree’s melamine paper has the advantages of any imitation of various patterns and bright color. According to the different steel plates of decorative paper during hot pressing, triamine paper can achieve smooth surface, hemp surface, relief, cloth pattern, corrugated, ray, synchronous flower and so on a variety of different decorative effects.

If you believe you could benefit from our design, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, as we are always on the look out for interesting projects and collaborations.

We have our own professional and perfect team of designers, who update the surface design of different effects and colors every month, including wood grain, stone grain, solid color, marble grain, leather grain and so on.

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