UV board

The UV High Gloss Board are made with UV coating applied to a panel surface that could be melamine impregnated Pre-laminated. We pass uv board from various process to make UV High Gloss. Our products in a way so that they are also emission free. Not only are these ideal for application in cupboard & kitchen shutters, furniture panels, wall relief panelling and a host of applications but are also priced economically.

uv glossy plywood

UV glossy plywood board

The surface texture of Pintree UV board is clear and natural, the material reduction is very high, and the mirror highlight effect is obvious, just like the surface of porcelain is smooth, and the light can be a mirror …

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uv super matt plywood

uV super matt plywood

Pintree uv super matt plywood is a new type of environmental protection decorative material made by high temperature hot pressin,uv super matt kind of Skin sense plate,color saturation is high, a variety of colors to choose …

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uv excimer plywood

uV excimer plywood

uv board for plywood with skin sensing board using excimer curing technology, the use of 172nm UV light irradiation, so that only a very thin surface of the coating is cured, the polymer crosslinking of this thin layer will shrink and form an unsmooth surface, and floating in the uncured …

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uv glossy particle board

uV glossy particle board

uv glossy particle board formed by coating UV paint on plywoood and drying by UV curing machine can realize industrial production due to its easy processing, bright color …

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uv super matt particle board

uV super matt particle board

Uv super matt particle board inside is a granular section, normally can be divided into three layers, the particles of the middle layer is large, on both sides issmaller, and the particles of the middle layer has direction …

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uv excimer particle board

uV excimer particle board

In the aspect of strength, the strength of our uv excimer particle board is very good which can meet the standards of modern furniture.From the point of view of stability …

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