Oak plywood

Materials: poplar , eucalyptus
Face: Red Oak,Natrual Teak, EV Teak, EP Teak, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Wenge, Beech, Maple, Ebony, Sapeli, Zabrawood, Rosewood, Apricot etc…
Grade: A, AA, AAA
Thickness: Tolerance ± 0.2mm
Moisture: 8% – 10%
Thickness: 3mm-25mm or as your requested
Glue: P2 , E0 , E1 , E2
Face & Back: original or uv
Payment: L/C , T/T

oak plywood

Oak plywood sheet

Pintree’s Oak plywood has a very sharp mountain texture and a nice texture when you contact the surface of the oak board. Poplar core oak fancy plywood texture is very hard, the oak board structure is very strong after the completed product, and the life of the oak board furniture is very long,hardwood core plywood durable, does not add any wood-based board components, our oak plywood composite floor function.

Oak plywood has an excellent regulation of indoor humidity and temperature function, with heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption.

Quality features

1.Strong and long-lasting: Oak faces can resist the daily abuse that kitchen furniture endures.
2.oak wood has a natural grain front, making it ideal for a contemporary, eye-catching kitchen.
3.Flat and uniform: Oak faced poplar plywood is manufactured to produce perfectly flat and uniform panels, making sizing and installation much simpler.
4.oak plywood is beautiful, comfortable, with obvious natural tree texture, soft, and durable.
5.Stable, consistent, and machine-friendly
6.UV:On one or both sides UV finish, a polished finish is available.


Pintre oak plywood is a strong and durable material that is also aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for many projects, including furniture, cabinetry, interior architectural woodworking, DIY, and crafting.


Oak plywood sheet is an excellent choice in terms of environmental sustainability. Materials spend less time in transit when they are sustainably obtained domestically, lowering the carbon footprint. It’s also worth noting that the durability of oak guarantees that a piece designed by a quality craftsman will last 50 or more years, whereas a person could easily discard 10 cheap particle board pieces in the trash in the same amount of time.

oak plywood image

1/2 4x8 red oak plywood

oak faced plywood free sample

We manufacture sample boards for many different customers, suitable for a range of different melamine sheet,hpl panel,uv board,fancy plywood,marine plywood,RV plywood,particle board,mdf board etc.

Typically 18mm thick 200mmx200mm plywood or particle board is used, but can be manufactured in any thickness or material requested.We can also help you design sample plates, or sample plate displays.

Lend time: Delivery time about 7-20 days.

Tons of possibilities including:
* Custom melamine Colors
* Custom size
* Custom Lamination
* Custom Veneers available
* Finished or treated edges
* Custom logo(acceptance of agency)
* Custom Decals

All sample boards are CNC manufactured to ensure quality.

We are growing our range each and every day so please do get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for.Contact us for volume discounts

Oak plywood

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